Remote control

CeBS Components

Operation of the CONTI® eBIKE SYSTEM is by innovative remote controls.

In cooperation with the ergonomics specialists of “Ergon” we developed 2 remote controls

The remote unit is optimally integrated into the handlebar grip so that the multifunctional rocker switch is always in range of the rider’s hand and can be handled intuitively during the ride. This in combination with the Ergon Performance Comfort grips significantly enhances eBike comfort, provides a sleek and clean look and improves riding safety.


  • Cooperation with “Ergon”
  • Grips with optimized ergonomics
  • Grip with integrated rocker switch
  • Intuitive operation
  • More safety and riding comfort

Small remote

  • Reduced product size
  • 5-buttons incl. 3-way joystick
  • Mount independent from grips
  • Suitable for left and right hand mount

Produkt Close-Up der Bedieneinheit

Remote control. Won prestigious design awards:
Eurobike Award 2013 + RedDot Design