Central motor

CeBS Components

The 250 watt strong central motor combines high performance and riding comfort. Although being so small in size and light in weight with only 3,4 kg, the geared motor unveiles a nominal torque of 90 Nm and even reduces motor noises to a minimum.

Controller und torque sensor are integrated into the motor and measure the rider’s pedal power with over 420 signals per second. This results into a very harmonic and smooth activation of the motor’s power support.

Mittelmotor – Leiser und kraftvoller Conti Mittelmotor

For individual eBike concepts, the ContiTech central motor offers optimal flexibility for bicycle manufacturers. Thanks to its 360° variable mounting position, a several frame integrations are possible and enable individual bike concepts and designs.


Performance 250 W nominal
Torque 64 Nm nominal / 90 Nm maximal
Weight 3.4 kg
Type of motor Geared motor
  • Geared motor with noise reduction
  • Integrated controller
  • ISIS inner bearing with torque sensor
  • 420 Sensorimpulse pro Sekunde
  • 2 chain rings possible
  • Various design and integration possibilities

Powerful and additionally quiet, compact and lightweight.